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Prepping for Coronavirus Pandemic #COVID19

Gear Blogs Mar 17, 2020 by Tectract

This article is a list of items, and considerations for preparing for preventing infection, surviving in-place under quarantine as necessary, and protecting yourself as needed, during the global #COVID19 coronavirus pandemic.

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NOTICE: 100% of profits from "affiliate link click sales" on this article will go to COVID19 victims support and helping to fund the Tectractys, LLC penicillin lab project efforts, in Denver Colorado. We will not be taking any personal profit from this article. Our love and support goes out to the victims of COVID19 and their families. Please be safe and we hope this article can help you and your family during these hard times.

Total Raised for COVID19 victims as of Mar 17, 2020:
Total Raised for Penicillin Lab as of Mar 17, 2020:

COVID19 is a global viral pandemic, a virus that is very difficult to contain due to high Ro contagion value, and may have very serious health implications for those who become infected, and their loved ones. Entire countries are going on lockdown and you could quickly find yourself under quarantine or worse, infected. You should be aware of the risks, and you should be prepared for the worst. 

List of items to consider stocking:

Face Masks
    - Standard N95 8210 Plus face masks (effectiveness 90%)
    - Surgical Grade "Pouch Style" N95 face masks (effectiveness 95%)
    - Stylized Face Mask Covers (might as well look good and not scare the children)
    - Upgraded Fitted Face Mask with N95 filtration Pads (effectiveness 90-95%)
    - Safety Goggles (effectiveness for protecting the eyes 90-99%)
    - Chemical-Biological-Nuclear-Radiation (CBRN) Riot-Control Gas-Mask with matching, fresh gas mask filters

Body Suits
    - Tyvek body suits - Resistant Coveralls
    - Nitrile Gloves (hypo-allergenic)
    - Latex Gloves

Communications & Emergency Power Supplies
    - Batteries
    - Good Webcam to improve your telepresence
    - Solar Cellphone Charger
    - Solar Rechargeable Battery Charger 
    - Solar Rechargeable Lighting Systems (don't be in the dark every night!)
    - Larger solar panel + inverter/battery systems
    - Shortwave Radio Communicator
    - Portable Gas AC-Power Generator
    - Propane, Map-Pro gas with torch attachment, Gasoline, Kerosene
    - Propane Stove
    - Firesteel Firestarter Tool 

    - Flour and Bread Flour
    - Yeast
    - SALT (may also be traded as a commodity)
    - Sugar
    - Powdered Milk
    - Cereals and grains
    - Peanut Butter and Jelly / Preserves
    - Nuts (good source of fat)
    - Pasta and sauce jars
    - Velveeta cheese (I like mini-cubes)
    - Canned Meats and Soups
    - Rice / Quinoa
    - Beans
    - Coffee and creamer / Tea
    - Bottled water
    - Water Filters
    - Personal Water Filtration System
    - Beer & Liquor, and limesalt  
    - Alcohol Still, book on distilling spirits
    - drink mixes with vitamins and electrolytes (emergen-C, gatorade/powerade)
    - Water Filters
    - Pet Food
    - Live Chickens or Rabbits
    - Coconut Oil - mostly lauric acid, an antiviral in food AND soap

    - Sanitizing Handwipes
    - Hand Sanitizer
    - Pulse Oximeter If your blood oxygen levels fall below 91%, you should seek immediate medical care / urgent care facilities!
    - Potassium Iodide Pills (protects your thallamus from nuclear radiation fallout in the even of a nuclear strike in your vicinity)
    - Contact lenses / glasses backups
    - Menstruation Supplies - Reusable Cups - Tampons or pads (buy in bulk)
    - Band Aids, Gauze, Medical Tape
    - Lysol
    - Isopropyl Alcohol
    - Bleach (buy undiluted clorox sodium hypochlorite - NaOCl)
    - Diapers
    - Dishwashing Detergent / Dishsoap and dishwand replacements
    - Sponges / Scrubbing supplies
    - Laundry Detergent

    - Cough Drops
    - Aleve (Naproxen Sodium)  
    - Ibuprofen
    - Aspirin Acetaminophen - Take at the first symptoms of heart attack
    - Antacid Famotidine Pepto-Bismal Alka-Seltzer
    - Antibiotic stocks (if you can get it)
    - Expectorant and flu medication
    - Chest Balm to ease breathing
    - CPR Rescuscitator Mask to restore breathing
    - Anti-Diarrheal
    - THC / CBD
    - Tonic water (contains quinine, a potential antiviral agent in the bloodstream)
    - St. Germain liquor (Elderberry flavinoids indicated in H1N1 antiviral activity)
    - Echinacea Extract (antiviral activity against HSV indicated)
    - Elderberry Supplements  NO ELDERBERRY - can increase cytokine inflammatory response!

    - Selenium Supplements (natural ACE inhibitor)
    - Vitamin D
      (lipid-soluble, be careful to not overdose, 800 IU or less daily dosage is optimal, immune system booster)
    - Vitamin C (I like Emergen-C Tangerine Flavor)
    - Resveratrol (anti-aging supplement with potential antiviral properties)
    - Acetyl L-Carnitine and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) 
      potential strong anti-viral protection, see this research patent for topical applications
    - Twice Daily Pill Organizer
    - do not stop taking any prescribed medications
    - TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR as possible about all medication changes and supplements

    - Wasp Spray 
    - Bear Spray
    - Pepper Spray / Mace
    - Strobing SMD LED Flashlight
    - Body Armor
    - Handguns (recommended)
        - Sig Sauer (1911, 226, 210 in 9mil, 227 in .45, 320/250 models)
        - Berreta 92FS 9mil
        - Glock 40 or 19
        - M&P 2.0 9mm
        - Sig MPX 9mil (converted pistol, home defense)
    - AR15 Platform Rifles (recommended)
        - floating picatinny rail
        - broomstick handle mount (pushing leverage)
        - red dot
        - mounted light
        - two-point harness
        - Daniels Defense AR-15
        - Smith & Wesson M&P15
        - Core15
    - AK47 Platform Rifles
    - FN FAL or SCAR 17 Platform Rifles
    - Shotguns
        - Remington 870
        - Ruger 10/22 Takedown
    - Ammunition (recommended)
        - 5.56 NATO hollowpoint 70 grain
        - 9mil stock
        - Birdshot/Buckshot shells
    - Gun Safe (non-electronic)
    - Reusable Electronic Flare Toy
    - Real Flare Gun with Flares
    - Samurai Sword (with matching outfit) If you're gotta go out, fight the good fight and do it in style my friends!

Going Out In Public
    - Remember to USE CART WIPES on your shopping cart (sanitizer wipes on the cart handles)
    - Don't be afraid to wear your N95 with or without Face Mask cover, out in public, your health is at stake!
    - Trim facial hair short (or shave it) to prevent it from interfering with your N95 face mask
    - Avoid unnecessary interactions with people, for any reason
    - Avoid having any unnecessary items shipped to your house
    - Consider sterilizing packages that arrive, before you open them

Evasion and Destruction of Artificial Intelligence Systems
   - Facial Detection Camera Evasion via Confusion (Patterned Shirts)
   - Metallic Thermal Blanketing
   - Tactical Laser Pointer
   - Thermite

Protecting your Digital Archive
    - Faraday Cage: a box completely lined with copper mesh on the inside is perfect.
    - Spare cellphone with all your 2FA codes (in the Faraday cage)
    - Spare tablet computer (in the Faraday cage)
    - At least some supply of batteries / small solar panel in the Faraday Cage
    - Store your camera in your Faraday Cage when it's not in use! 
    - A gun safe works as a Faraday Cage, a good safe should be bolted to the floor from inside




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