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At Tectractys LLC, we create and sell Artwork, Clothing, real-world Botanical Products, Literature, Reviews, Software Services, and Consulting. We also syndicate art & literature, highlight guest content, and do affiliate sales / resales. Do you have a cool product you want us to list or a review you think is worth sharing? Contact us and let us know!

Our Digital & Software Products are unique, and custom-made for no-one but Tectractys and our customers, we have the experience and know-how to design and implement advanced technologies including server & network platforms. This site is also a demo of our Self-Publishing Platform. We have a popular live updating crypto mini-chart you can add to any site, and if you hold a cryptocurrency portfolio you may also be interested in SummitBit Charting & Trading Suite.

Our Bath & Botanicals and Oils & Essences inventory is hand-picked, produced using natural ingredients, stored safely, and guaranteed for quality and safety. We strive to reduce, re-use, recycle, and eliminate waste. Our botanical soaps, shampoos & conditioners, lip-balms, and shaving products are made with natural ingredients, on-site by our staff, and packaged specially for delivery on-demand.

WE GROW AND SELL LIVE PLANTS! Our plants are legally sourced, and grown under lights during the winter. We grow and sell airplants (epiphytes), cacti, orchids, succulents, vines, herbs, small fruit-trees and bonsai, which may be listed under Exotics & Rarities.

WE FLASK ORCHIDS! Tectractys Orchid Flasking Service offers a discount rate in exchange for a percentage of the viable flasks.

Web Design

Tectractys' #1 product is our Self-Publishing Platform. Set up YOUR OWN WEB-PUBLISHING PLATFORM and start selling products online, start right now!

No more Wordpress security issues, or updates that break everything! Let Tectractys LLC setup your Publishing & Sales Platform. Easily write rich-content articles to share your viewpoint, blog interesting events instantly with our our one-click "Blogifier", and sell products online!

Put a LIVE, REAL-TIME Cryptocurrency Mini-Chart on your site! Provided via affiliate SummitBit, use code: TECTRACTYS for a 10% discount!


Batchelor's Soaps
World-Class Bathe & Shave Products
Essentials for Men

Live Plants






Exotics & Rarities

Orchid Flasking

Have you ever tried pollinating your orchids? It's an exciting experience when you get your first seedpod!

At Tectractys, we run a small Flasking Service with limited capacity, and we also offer "At-Cost Flasking" in exchange for half the viable flasks!

Art, Clothing, Lit


Tectractys does technical consulting about software and network design, web and graphical design, server administration, blockchain, and energy technologies.

We also do botanical consulting on the topic of orchid flasking. Check out our main consulting page, or just send us a quick email for more info.

If you need help with your Self-Publishing Platform, please contact email support.

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