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Market Globe

Interactable 3D WebGL Globe
Real-Time Stock Price & MCAP Data

"Visualize the World's Money"
(Currently in rebuild, please be patient)

How Does It Work?
The Tectactys MarketGlobe© is a way of visualizing and interacting with real-time financial stock market price and MCAP quote data, supporting full 3D display and advanced view control. The MarketGlobe© allows users to hover the mouse over red/green bars geo-located to each company, to see a detailed display of real-time data for for that company, and to see a top-ten winners and losers list for each 15-minute time period during the trading day in NYC.

Do you visualize stock prices and global market charts in your head? Tectractys specialises in advanced graphical display of financial data, and we've built this tool just for you! Tectactys MarketGlobe© allows you to input a (comma-separated) list of company ticker symbols that you are interested in, so you can just watch your own portfolio. Interested in just the small-cap or mid-cap funds, or just the blue-chips? With Tectactys MarketGlobe© you can set the mcap or stock price limits to filter for just the listings you are interested in.

Tectactys MarketGlobe© runs on WebGL, a graphical display technology that renders images directly from your graphical-processing unit (GPU) instead of your CPU. Not all browsers and not all computer systems / GPUs fully support WebGL, so you may need to enable WebGL in your browser to be able to view the globe.

Why in Rebuild?
Tectactys MarketGlobe© relied on free stock quote from Yahoo Finance, up until late 2017. At that time, Yahoo Finance changed their financial data API such that obtaining any free quote data was much more difficult. We've found a new solution, which will allow us to move forward and continue expanding listings and features, and we are continuing to fix latent issues (bugfixes) in the background. MarketGlobe© will be back and better than ever, soon, please be patient.

Globe Controls
One of the big problems with WebGL globes today is that they all have really janky camera control systems. At Tectractys, we refined and customized our Three.js camera control system to be "video game style". It's totally legit and correctly de-janked for your viewing enjoyment.

Q - truck camera down
E - truck camera up
A - truck camera left
D - truck camera right
S (mouse scroll down) - truck camera back (zoom out)
W (mouse scroll up) - truck camera forward (zoom in)

U (↶) - rotate camera counter-clockwise (rotate scene clockwise)
O (↷) - rotate camera clockwise (rotate scene counter-clockwise)
J (←) - tilt camera left
L (→) - tilt camera right
I (↑) - tilt camera up
K (↓) - tilt camera down

R (⤺) - advance globe around prime meridian
Y (⤻) - recess globe around prime meridian
T (⤵) - advance globe around 90° meridian
G (⤴) - recess globe around 90° meridian
F (⤶) - advance globe around equator
H (⤷) - recess globe around equator
click-and-drag - rotate globe, NOT camera
right-click-and-drag - truck camera up/down/left/right
onMouseOver (active bars/text) - to bring up company data
onMouseOver (clock) - to change time setting (15-minuteintervals)
stubs - show / hide filtered company placeholder "stubs"
scale (▲ / ▼) - make price / mcap lines longer / shorter
camReset - reset the camera to "initial scene" settings

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