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Ryan Molecke, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, Tectractys LLC.
Site Editor and Lead Author

Ryan holds a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering (2006) and a Ph.D. in Nanoscience & Microsystems Engineering (2011), both from the University of New Mexico. Ryan's graduate research and IGERT Fellowship was sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health. Read more about Ryan's academic research and Curriculum Vitae here.

Ryan grew up in Albuquerque, NM, as a competitive gymnast. Ryan's hobbies include software development & simulations, video-streaming, trading & market analytics, electronics, weight-lifting, piano, DAW recording, mountain-biking and skiing / boarding, chess, and horticulture. Ryan maintains a large garden of succulents, airplants, cacti, and orchids, and you can find these plants for sale periodically among Tectractys' Plants & Botanical Products.

Self-Publishing & Censorship Resistance
We live in an age of increasing control over what gets published and viewed online, by powerful corporate and political interests. It is becoming increasingly vital for every individual to gain control over their own message, break the chains of censorship and be free to voice their own viewpoint without fear of being banned or having their content removed. Taking control of your own message means taking control of your own publishing platform.

Ryan built Tectractys.com not only as a place to self-publish his own message, but as a template site which can be customized and deployed to allow Tectractys LLC clients to easily and quickly launch their own publishing platforms. The goal is to empower people to become self-publishers, give them the tools to quickly and easily publish web-content, sell products online without relying on major resales sites like eBay / Amazon, and create affiliate sales & ad profit by creating unique and original content to draw viewers.

Financial Markets & Trading
Cryptocurrency Algo-Trading

SummitBit Charting & Trading Suite
Price-Density Plots
Candles with Overlays

3D Market Globes

Exchanges, Blockchain Startups, Accelerators
Ryan first became interested in bitcoin in early 2010, and started mining bitcoin with a CPU, then a GPU, and even some AntMiner ASICs later on. Ryan got more interested in currency trading than mining, over the years, and specifically exchange systems (orderbook matching engines), order-matching services, and robotic trading systems. Ryan loves graphical display technology and has written price-density plotters, candlestick charting systems with custom overlays (used in robotic trading and online brokerage systems), and even 3D WebGL globes to display real-time global stock/mcap data from NSYE/NASDAQ quotes, the Tectractys Market Globe.

Ryan was an early employee of Shapeshift Cryptocurrency Exchange, and a founder of Bridge21, which was accepted into the Techstars Boulder 2016 class. Today, Ryan runs SummitBit.com Trading & Charting Suite, and EnLedger.io, a blockchain energy technology company.

Bio-Simulation, Crystals & Fractals
Ryan's research experience / interests include bio-nano interfaces, nanoscale characterization & fabrication methods, lipids and proteomics, DNA/RNA and virology, organic & inorganic molecular-scale simulations, multi-scale & multi-body physics, and crystallographic systems. More recent research has focused on finite-element methods applied to bio-fractal modeling (3D bio-printing), de novo prediction of nanoparticle toxicity, taxonomical studies, and botanical / horticultural projects.

Ryan's academic research included crystallographic methods, modeling of atomic crystal structures, and characterization of crystal surface energies and morphology. Ryan did a post-doc in soft-colloid simulation, including in-silica GISAXS intensity plotting for determination of long-range crystalline order. Ryan's second post-doc included aerospace vehicle simulation, shock characterization, adaptive meshing software design, and material deformation studies.

Botany & Horticulture
These days Ryan spends his time managing his two tech startups (SummitBit.com and EnLedger.io) and doing amateur botany and semi-professional horticulture, specifically focusing on cacti, orchids, airplants, and succulents. Ryan collects rare orchids, and also flasks orchids as a hobby.

Ryan tries to impact the lives of others for the positive, as a teacher, and as an enabler, using his talents to help others reach higher, live better, see further, and speak louder. Ryan's goal is to promote transformation technology such as solar/wind/battery power and vertical farming to help all humans become more self-sufficient and energy-independent.

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