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Tectractys, LLC grows LIVE PLANTS, in fact we are kind of PLANT FANATICS!

We have a yearly crop of Medinilla Magnifica (Malaysian Orchid) available, with fresh seed also available twice per year.Orchids We also have rare succulents, cacti, and vines, which we usually offer in the spring and fall to avoid heat/cold issues in shipping. During cold months we do WINTER SHIPPING SALES! with included heat packs for an extra $3 fee per heat-pack, and also look out for SUMMER DISCOUNT SALES where we often get rid of overstock plants.

Are you looking for rare orchids and maybe even a pitcher plant or other exotic? We just MIGHT have what you are looking for, check the active listings! You may also enjoy our collection of Botany & Horticulture postings, with tons of links to videos of how-to's for vivarium construction and orchid culture!

Check out our Youtube Channel, for videos on how some of the artwork is created, and how the plants in the gardens are grown, and how the botanical products are made. Please feel free to Contact us at any time regarding products, or questions about an item or sale. Cheers and happy shopping~

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