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Tectractys - Orchid Flasking

Orchid Flasking means sewing microscopic orchid seed in sterile jars, or "flasks", onto specially-prepared agar with nutrients and hormones that promote germination and early root and leaf growth. Flasking is a passion for us and an inspiration when we get to do the "orchid flasker happy dance", when another batch of flasks starts germinating with little beautiful green spots of orchid caviar. We are working currently working towards being able to buy our own professional laminar flow hood, which will help improve our success rate during sterile baby-orchid replates, when we have to move the babies to new flasks to give them fresh nutrients/hormones and spread them out for further growth.

Our favorite species are Neofenitia Falcata (Fuukiran), giant Agreacums, leafless varieties, and Pleurothallis, but we pretty much love them all. Space is still somewhat limited for us so you might see more of the smaller/compact varieties of orchids. We sell flasks ready to de-flask, and assorted varieties of rare orchid.

Our Youtube Channel also has some videos about how we do flasking, and how we take care of our orchids. Please feel free to Contact us and we can chat about flasking, flask purchases, and orchid culture. Cheers and happy shopping~

Do you have a seedpod you would like to have flasked? We are an amatuer lab, but we do offer limited flasking for free, in exchange for half of the successful flasks. Let us know what species of seed you have and let's chat! Thanks for visiting~

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