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Tectractys - Artwork

At Tectractys LLC, we create a variety of forms of artwork, including Fractal Woodburns, Paintings, Photography, and a lot of our artwork is available as prints, printed on tees/sweatshirts, or as themed mugs, in our Posters - Mugs - Etc category.

Most of our artwork is created by our founder Tectract, some of it comes from schematics and figures from his dissertation in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering, or from his collection of odd hobbies and gardens, or digital artwork and photography created during hikes / bike rides / vacations. The remarkable Fractal Woodburns are actually created using a high-voltage neon-sign transformer!

We specialise in artwork featuring fractals, crystals, and bio-molecules!

Check out our Youtube Channel, for videos on how some of the artwork is created, and how the plants in the gardens are grown, and how the botanical products are made. Please feel free to Contact us at any time regarding products, or questions about an item or sale. Cheers and happy shopping~

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