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Tectractys - Software Services

Tectractys, LLC offers these software services:

Self-Publishing Platform

Tectractys wrote our own censorship-free Self-Publishing and Web-Sales Platform, because let's face it, independence is golden. Now we want set up one just like it, for you. We'll get you up and running, and give you a new online voice with no "chaperone", and a new source of web-sales revenue for your business.

Start generating content for your own site, making your own digital journal, instead of putting it somewhere that might take it down for whatever reason, and give your voice online resilience and become your own censorship-free publisher! Stop relying on Wordpress and plugins to do your core business, stop worrying about updates that break everything and janky plugins that have terrible or non-existent support, your business and your livelihood is too important for that!

Yes, we have passion for this product! Full details and product trials are expected in late 2019, until then please contact our Support Email if you would like to become an early customer.

Software Design

Tectractys, LLC does software design! We currently mainly work in blockchain applications related to renewable energy, trading and online brokerage systems, and of course, the self-publishing platform. We are not currently accepting new contracts, but if you have a cool idea for an update or feature request for the self-publishing platform, we just might get around to making it happen.

If you are a customer of the Self-Publishing Platform, and your site is broken or you need help, we have some capacity under the 6 hrs of service you get with your initial purchase, plus additional help hours can be purchased. Please see the Consulting Rates page, to see the discounted rate we offer for our customers.

SummitBit Charting & Trading Suite

An algo-trading platform that allows users to visualize and automatically trade on cryptocurrency markets.

Stop day-trading and start algo-trading! Our unique non-predictive algorithms are built for simplicity, no indicators or programming to worry about.
Harvest profit from profitability within a trading band, earn money by being the liquidity provider and market-maker at your favorite crypto exchanges! Wake up to the money "ding" sound of profitable trades being executed.

SummitBit is currently readying to enter public beta, and will begin accepting sign-ups and subscription options very soon! Visit SummitBit.com now to get started algo-trading~

Crypto Mini-Charts

Would you like to have live-updating cryptocurrency candlestick charts on your site, so your visitors could instantly see the bitcoin or ethereum prices in real-time? Of course you would! We offer this service as a syndicated API datafeed and javascript displayer, for an extremely reasonable price, with EASY SETUP for your own site.

This service is under development by SummitBit Charting & Trading Suite, and will be offered through our site and theirs, expected to come live in late 2019 or early 2020. Use discount code 'tectractys' for an extra 10% off!

Crypto & Security Auditing

This service involves critical systems analysis and auditing, characterization, potential penetration testing, and recommendations for improvement or vulnerability remediation in software/hardware systems and network architectures. This is an intensive 2-week process that involves interviews and technical systems review, which can be performed annually to help fintech and crypto startups gain confidence and leverage our experience to help harden their systems, gain investor trust, mitigate potential losses in the event of cyberattacks.

We are the good guys, we are the defenders of systems and data integrity. We are archivists who abhor data deletion, and feel a spiritual need to preserve all data, and defend archives and systems integrity. We can help you set up an *effective* backup regimen to make sure you never go completely down, and your business never gets "knocked out" due to data loss or security breaches. Contact us now to get a quote and schedule an initial consultation.

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