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Bath & Botanical

Orchid Silk Soap Company produces a line of high-quality Bathe & Shave Essentials using the finest oils and fragrances. Our hand-made cold-process soap is made for those who like to baby their skin, and those who pay finer attention to using natural products and soaps made from rejuvenating oils.

Orchid Silk Soap Company's products are made to rehydrate your skin instead of depleting it, as we make our soap using fine, soft oils such as sustainably-resourced palm, shea butter, babassu oil, kukui nut oil, which absorb into the skin without leaving an oily residue, and add lanolin and vitamin-e.

Our Bachelorette Bars are made with our finest Silk Blend Soap, around a heart made of "Raquel's Non-Slimy Castille" soap, and the sweetest, most amazing Victorian Rose scent. We're also trying out Honeysuckle and other new aromas.

Raquel actually told us she uses these bars every night to wash her face, because it's old-fashioned soap that truly cleanses the skin, has good moisturizing properties, and smells wonderful! If you buy our signature molded "Orchid Silk" bars with the colorful orchids and green (laurel berry oil) layer, watch out because young children have actually been known to take them!

~ Rousing scents spark irresistable cravings ~

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