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Tectractys botanical products are made on-site using our own recipes, from raw ingredients, packaged and shipped with care by our own employees. Our botanical products often include petals from orchids or other flowers grown in our gardens, or leaves from herbs or fruit trees also grown on-site. Check out our selection of Live Plants, which may include rare orchids or orchid flasks when available.

Tectractys creates botanical products using all-natural ingredients wherever possible, any non-natural ingredients (preservatives/flavorings/colorings) or potential allergens (such as essential oils) will be noted explicitly on the product page and packaging materials. Our waxes and oils are created locally or sourced from reputable wholesalers (sustainably resourced) for processing into final products and packaging on-site.

Tectractys LLC owns and operates a soap company called Bachelor´s Soaps, which produces high-quality Bathe & Shave essentials using the finest oils and fragrances. Bachelor´s Soaps products are made for the aspiring batchelor or bachelorette, who wants to impress! Bachelor´s Bathe and Shave Products rousing scents spark irresistable cravings~

Check out our Youtube Channel, for videos on how some of the artwork is created, and how the plants in the gardens are grown, and how the botanical products are made. Please feel free to Contact us at any time regarding products, or questions about an item or sale. Cheers and happy shopping~

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