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DNA Polymerase Theta Shown to Reverse Transcribe RNA
Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University have reportedly found evidence that RNA segments can be written back into DNA, which potentially challenges the central dogma in biology and could have wide implications affecting many fields of biology.
Jun 27, 2021 by BioCompare
Science & Medicine News
The next generation of CRISPR-Cas technologies and applications

CRISPR-Cas systems have revolutionized genome editing, and the CRISPR-Cas toolkit has been expanding to include single-base editing enzymes, targeting RNA and fusing inactive Cas proteins to effectors that regulate various nuclear processes. Consequently, CRISPR-Cas systems are being tested for gene and cell therapies.

Jul 04, 2019 by Duke University via Nature
Science & Medicine News
Broad Institute Research Roundup - June 2019

Seeing cells through a DNA lens, bringing new autism genes to the forefront, mining tuberculosis mutants for new treatment options, and more.

Jun 21, 2019 by Broad Institute
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