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The US Military Secretly Built An Artificial Brain Called The Sentient

Since 2010, various US agencies have been developing a top-secret artificial intelligence system that they called Sentient, a term that translates as "conscious" or "endowed with senses." The documents confidential and classified recently published by The Verge describes the Program Sentient National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) as an intelligence system fully integrated system that can coordinate satellite positions, and will soon be used to manage operations in the battlefield during military clashes.

Feb 25, 2021 by Infinity Explorers
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Katherine Stanek Demonstrates Her Concrete Sculpture Techniques

Katherine Stanek is a world class sculptor who uses an unusual material: concrete. Her figurative sculptures are dazzlingly creative, every aspect of her tec...

Mar 29, 2021 by John Thornton
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When damaged, the adult brain repairs itself by going back to the beginning

Summary: Mouse models of corticospinal injuries reveal adult neurons begin a natural regeneration process by reverting back to an embryonic state. The regeneration is sustained with the help of a gene more commonly associated with Huntington's disease.

Apr 22, 2020 by Neuroscience News
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Antibodies in the brain trigger epilepsy

Source: University of Bonn Certain forms of epilepsy are accompanied by inflammation of important brain regions. Researchers at the University of Bonn have now identified a mechanism that explains this link. Their results may also pave the way to new therapeutic options in the medium term.

Mar 25, 2020 by Neuroscience News
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How the brain decides to punish or not

Summary: The bilateral claustrum, right inferior frontal gyrus, and left superior frontal gyrus remain active during activities involving social punishment. Source: National Research University Higher School of Economics Research Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, HSE University, has conducted meta-analysis of 17 articles to find out which areas of the brain are involved decision-making for rendering social punishment.

Nov 24, 2019 by Neuroscience News
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Brain tumors form synapses with healthy neurons

Stanford researchers made a groundbreaking discovery about brain tumors. The study reports high-grade gliomas form synapses which hijack electrical signals from healthy neurons in the brain, promoting tumor growth. Interrupting the signals with a drug currently used to treat epilepsy reduces the tumor growth in mouse models.

Sep 18, 2019 by Neuroscience News
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Novel discovery of links between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease - Neuroscience News

Summary: A link between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease has been discovered. The findings add to the understanding of the role metabolic dysfunction plays in the neurodegenerative disease.

Jul 31, 2019 by Neuroscience News
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Researchers grow active mini-brain-networks

Source: Cell Press Cerebral organoids are artificially grown, 3D tissue cultures that resemble the human brain. Now, researchers from Japan report functional neural networks derived from these organoids in a study publishing June 27 in the journal Stem Cell Reports.

Jun 28, 2019 by Cell Press via Neuroscience News
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