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Who has banned Zoom? Google, NASA, and more

Zoom's security woes have led to a number of organizations, companies, and schools banning or restricting its use, with some recommending alternatives such as Microsoft Teams. Video conferencing app Zoom has had a massive increase in users because of new remote work requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oct 17, 2020 by Brandon Vigliarolo
Tech News
Texas Courts hit by ransomware, network disabled to limit spread

The Texas court system was hit by ransomware on Friday night, May 8th, which led to the branch network including websites and servers being disabled to block the malware from spreading to other systems. "On Friday, May 8th, the Office of Court Administration (OCA), the information technology (IT) provider for the appellate courts and state judicial agencies within the Texas Judicial Branch, identified a serious security event in the branch network, which was later determined to be a ransomware attack," a statement published today on the site of the Texas Judicial Branch says.

May 12, 2020 by Sergiu Gatlan
Crypto News
Let's Make This Simple: Zoom Is Malware
Apr 08, 2020 by Zero Hedge
Tech News
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The CIA Just Got Exposed for the Most Massive Conspiracy of the Century

The spy agency is known for its sometimesquestionable tactics and violations of other nations' sovereignty in order to carry out its duties. And sometimes those actions, while alarming and despicable, may even be justified for national security. But now the CIA just got exposed for the most massive conspiracy of...

Mar 10, 2020 by Deep State Journal
Tech News
Pro-China Forces 'Annihilated' in Hong Kong Election

Initial results from Sunday's election in Hong Kong indicate that pro-democracy forces have handed Chinese ruler Xi Jinping a stunning setback. Pro-Beijing candidates are going down to defeat in District Council elections, the first real test of sentiment in the territory since protests began in April over the introduction of a bill authorizing extraditions to mainland China.

Nov 25, 2019 by The National Interest
World News
Report: Kaspersky Identifies Web Users Through UUID Injection

C't today reported that Kaspersky injected a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) into the HTML source of all web pages without user consent. Previous versions of the antivirus software generated a UUID for each user; a July 11 patch changed it to a not-so-unique identifier but didn't stop the injection.

Aug 18, 2019 by Tom's Hardware
Tech Blogs

No one, not even the Secret Service, should randomly plug in a strange USB stick

If you've been on Twitter today, you've probably seen one story making the rounds. So the Secret Service stuck Zhang's thumbdrive into their computer. t.co/0T6LAfOtEl pic.twitter.com/RSfUgw4I4n - Chris Wysopal (@WeldPond) April 8, 2019 The case follows a Chinese national, Yujing Zhang, who is accused of trying to sneak into President Trump's private Florida resort Mar-a-Largo [...]
Apr 12, 2019 by Tectract
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