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Epoxy L.E.D. Lamp - poplar wood, clear epoxy with black epoxy background

Clear epoxy with L.E.D. Lamp Dimensions 33cm by 20cm, 3cm thickness Made of popler wood, clear epoxy, black epoxy bacground and moss. This is going to be a series product in our company. Price is 110€

Dec 27, 2019 by SegWood
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Preserving Flowers in Resin
Dec 27, 2019 by BuzzingFish
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Resin Art Clock

Resin Clock Thanks for watching my channel! 

Dec 27, 2019 by Debra Smith Art
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BEER ART from Resin. How to Make Beer from Resin / ART RESIN


Dec 27, 2019 by jedrek29t
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