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You Will Be Made to Believe Implausible Things

In George Orwell's masterpiece 1984, he said, "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." To guide you along this path, I bring to your attention implausible thi...

Jan 31, 2021 by Americanthinker
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US, Israeli Jews Deeply Divided on Life and Death Issues

The dichotomy over the U.S. elections between Jews in America and Jews in Israel is stark and startling. While over 70% of U.S. Jews supported the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, almost 70% of Israeli Jews prefer the GOP incumbent, Donald Trump. Plausible amity; puzzling enmity It is, of course, not hard to understand the Israeli position.

Nov 11, 2020 by Martin Sherman via NewsMax
World News
Hitler Was a Socialist Who Learned from Karl Marx. Here Are the Quotes to Prove It

Seventy-five years ago, Nazi Germany was defeated and Adolf Hitler, one of history's most brutal and evil tyrants, was pushed out of power. In the seven decades that followed his death and the downfall of Nazism, there has arisen significant confusion over Hitler's political ideology, largely to

Jan 31, 2021 by Chris Talgo - Stopping Socialism
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The Socialist Holocaust and its American Deniers

Karl Marx famously dubbed religion "the opium of the people." The blood-drenched history of communism-that is, full-fledged socialism, as established in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and elsewhere-is thoroughly documented. But despite the horror of socialism's history, numerous U.S. college professors continue to uphold it as a moral ideal.

Oct 03, 2020 by Andrew Bernstein - The Objective Standard
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