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Simple, Cheap, and Delicious Spicy Poke Bowl Recipe
This is a recipe I make ALL the time, because it's cheap, tangy, spicy, sushi, for around $5 for a big poke bowl. Go fancy and get sushi-grade salmon or tuna for an upgrade! Add your own ingredients and play with the recipe until it's all yours!
Jan 10, 2021 by Tectract
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Get Familiar With Bagoong, The Stinky Secret Weapon Of Philippine Cuisine

In June, Food Republic is counting the many reasons to love Asian food in America right now. Here's one of them. Sometimes the most important ingredients are the ones you don't even realize you're tasting. Give them their proper shine, and they'll help the disparate elements of a recipe harmonize like Shai.

Jun 30, 2021 by george-embiricos - Food Republic
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